5 reasons why summer makes us smile

Smiling and the summer seem to go hand in hand.  There really are so many great things about the summer! Far too many to mention, so we have cut them down and made a list of  5 things about the summer that brings a smile to our face More Info »

10 ways to get us smiling!

Smiling has lots of benefits – it’s one of the reasons people get their teeth whitened! When we smile we feel better about ourselves and we’re in better form. Smiling also gives us the opportunity to show off our bright smiles… something we know an awful lot about! There are lots of More Info »


Of all the questions we’re asked after treatments by our customers, the one we’re asked most frequently is ‘What food and drink can I have?’ There are actually lots of foods/drinks you can enjoy after a teeth whitening treatment, most of which are outlined below… Food – Skinless More Info »

Live Voucher Booking Page

More Info »

Five ways (on top of brushing) to keep your teeth healthy

If somebody asked you what’s the best way to keep your teeth healthy chances are you’d say brushing or going to the dentist. You’d be right – it is the best way to keep them healthy. But there are lots of other ways too. Here are five… 1. Use mouthwash when brushing your teeth Rinsing More Info »

Five foods that are good for your teeth

What do you think of when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy? Brushing? Flossing? Using mouthwash or going to the dentist regularly? Probably. Something that might not spring to mind are foods. But what we put into our mouths every day is pivotal in making sure our teeth stay strong and healthy. More Info »

BEYOND™ StayWhite™ Refill Pack x 4 Syringes of Whitening Gel – €65

Refil gels for home trays – One hour a day for 14 days, no messy overnight whitening. Visibly whiter teeth in five days. Gentle hydrogen peroxide formula minimizes risk of sensitivity. For payments by Laser please contact us here More Info »

e-Bright® Tooth Whitening Accelerator Home Edition – €95

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BEYOND™ Antiseptic Mouthwash – €10

Advanced Formula Kills Germs for 12 Hour Protection •    Fights plaque and gingivitis •    Restores minerals to strengthen enamel •    Prevents cavities and tooth decay •    Lasting breath protection •    Refreshing citrus flavor Available in one size: 12 Fl Oz/355 mL Specia More Info »

BEYOND™ Restoring Whitening Mouthwash – €10

Advanced Whitening Formula •    Restores minerals to strengthen enamel •    Contains hydrogen peroxide to dissolve stains •    Kills germs that cause bad breath •    Fresh mint flavor Available in one size: 12 Fl Oz/355 mL Special Note: This product is available for contract manu More Info »


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