The White House are pleased to announce that we are open for business. To see further information regarding treatments with The White House post-COVID-19, including your co-operation with our efforts to continue to keep all of our patients and colleagues safe please click here.

Show the world a bright new smile with The White House’s new teeth whitening system that is faster and more effective than the current technology. We have brought a revolutionary new whitening technology from California and made it available to our patients in the United Kingdom.


You’ll be attended by a fully qualified GDC registered dentist who will coordinate and administer your treatment


The White House Teeth Whitening clinics with eight nationwide locations, where our cosmetic dental practitioners turn back the clock on your appearance.

You can find out teeth whitening clinics in Manchester, Belfast, Edinburgh, Dublin, & Galway

What makes The White House your best choice? It’s that only qualified and registered dentists will be treating your smile. At The White House, we exceed all standards. Our dental professionals can restore your teeth to their youthful shade using the revolutionary Beyond Polus ultimate technology.

Every practitioner at The White House is a fully qualified and registered dentist, educated in more than just teeth whitening. We wouldn’t allow anyone less than a doctor to coordinate your care. As such, we report to the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority for Dentistry and the General Dental Council. Fully qualified and registered dentists complete all of our treatments.

Excellence Recognised in Regulatory Body Reports



The RQIA is an independent health care regulator who safeguards the public by maintaining high standards for private dentistry. Through inspections, reviews, and audits, RQIA and Healthcare Improvement Scotland assures the quality of care, promotes improvement, and safeguards patients’ rights. Read more about how much The White House impresses these agencies on our About Us page!



Take your first step to feeling good, looking healthy and making a memorable impression every time you smile.

As our lifestyles have evolved our teeth are much more exposed to every day staining through the increased consumption of tea, coffee, coke and colourful exotic foods such as Thai and Indian. That’s not to mention the cigarettes and red wine!
Thanks to the White House teeth whitening Clinics it is now possible to painlessly reverse this staining process.


From the moment you arrive here, we will make you feel comfortable and welcome.
Once inside, you will appreciate the relaxing atmosphere we strive to attain in our office.
At The White House, you can get up to 10 shades whiter in just 45 minutes while you relax listening to music or watching television.


During your teeth whitening appointment, you will find that our dedication to quality governs every aspect of our work and ensures that we always exceed your expectations.
Our fully qualified teeth whitening professionals believe in providing you with our expert information explained in a friendly and easy to understand way.
Because we always listen to our patients, we are able to give you the class of service you deserve and a smile you will truly love.


Take your first step to feeling good, looking healthy and making a memorable impression every time you smile.


Call now 0131 557 0775




The White House Team,

The White House is proud to be one of the longest established teeth whitening specialists in the UK and Ireland whitening the smiles of the nation since 2008. We only employ experienced and fully qualified dental professionals, and do not carry out teeth whitening treatments in a beauty salon environment. Our treatments are carried out in top spec high street teeth whitening specialist clinics.  We have been accredited with the “Top Whitening System” for the last 5 years in a row by the Dental Advisor. We have completed over 50,000 teeth whitening treatments since 2008 and have 50,000 people on our customer database nationwide and have a growing and active 10,000 Facebook followers. We have also had over 1,000 independent reviews and 92% of these customers would highly recommend us to their friends.



Manchester   0161 872 6733
Belfast   028 9066 7330
Edinburgh   0131 557 0775
Brown Thomas   01 679 0980
Arnotts   01 874 8645

Dublin   01 890 4613
Dundrum   01 890 4613
Galway   091 534 929

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